INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A. de C.V. (INGLOSA), was founded in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on June 8, 1994. However the vehicle rental business began operating from April 15, 1997, under the name of Delta Rental with only 10 vehicles located in downtown San Pedro Sula. Over the next five years it grew and attended mainly corporate accounts in San Pedro Sula and the surrounding area. For the year 2001 due to a tourism incentive where it enjoyed 10 years of exemption from income tax, the company changed its name to Euro American Rent a Car.

In 2005 the company made an affiliation with Advantage Rent a Car and since that time had a presence in all GDS systems including pages Travelocity, Orbitz, Amadeus, etc. In 2006 the business expanded to Tegucigalpa and opened offices in Tegucigalpa airport and the Cologne America. For 2009 an agreement with Hertz International LTD where the company became the exclusive licensee of Hertz in Honduras was signed. Currently, Hertz is the world leader in car rental so apart from the prestige company that has generated for the company; It has increased the quality, performance and customer volume.

He currently has an estimated fleet of 570 vehicles. The vehicle fleet is renewed and the average use per vehicle is two and a half years to three years depending on the mileage.
Within the rental services offer various protections of coverage with low deductibles and additional services market.

Mission & Vision

During the years 2012 & 2013 our organization was awarded by Hertz International Limited with prizes second in Latin America: higher sales growth & excellence in customer service.

Hertz Honduras

Maintaining high quality HERTZ car rentals in providing improvements marks the largest range of options with a quick, timely and personalized service.

Be the first car rental option for any local client or traveler, which need business or holiday, requiring a vehicle for transportation.