Honduras Hertz offers additional services such as:

  • Child Seat: cost US $ 5.00 per day (up to US $ 35.00)
  • Additional driver: Cost US $ 2.00 per day (up to US $ 14.00)
  • Motorist Service: Cost US $ 80.00 a day, within the perimeter of the city
  • Drop Charge: Cost US $ 80.00 per day
  • Gasoline Prepayment: Cost US $ 95.00 per gallon


Integral Fleet Management: We assume all the arrangements for the smooth operation of your vehicle or fleet of vehicles, from which the request is made until the end of the lease.

Replacement vehicle: For customer safety, we offer immediate replacement of defective or in need of revision, maintenance vehicle or another vehicle.

Roadside Assistance: We have roadside assistance 24 hours a day nationally (restrictions apply).

Free Mileage: The vehicles are leased free mileage.

Home service: Within the perimeter of the city.