• You must pay the rent using the credit card that provides this coverage or not applicable
  • Most credit cards reimburse the deductible once your insured has paid.
  • Within a certain period, some credit cards are charged only once this repair bills you previously paid.
  • Some are only valid if you purchase additional coverage separately for each rental or early hires and pays an additional fee every time you rent.
  • Some do not cover rentals made with credit cards issued outside the USA
  • Coverage of credit card covers vehicle damage, no liability claims against them by third parties injured in an accident.

Therefore, taking one of our coverage get the following benefits:

  • If you incur an accident, avoid deductible of our coverage insurance LDW
  • No risk for your monthly payments will increase your insurance
  • This covered 24 hours a day
  • Has coverage option covers damage to third parties without deductible (SUPER LIS) and deductible (LIS)
  • Acquiring all our coverage will be fully covered under the benefits and limits of coverage, and prevents any issues with your personal insurance in case of an accident.