• Payment by credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express etc.)
  • Minimum deposit guarantee US $ 1,500.00 by credit card
  • Credit card must be embossed
  • The minimum age to rent is 21 years
  • Valid driving license
  • Personal documents: passport and identification.

Terms and Conditions for rent:

  • The rate is per day (24 hours), with a grace period of two hours to return the vehicle. After 26 hours, apply an additional day of rent.
  • No refund of gasoline. The gas consumed is applied according to current rates of fuel. So we recommend you return the vehicle with a full tank or with the same amount of fuel as when the vehicle was given.
  • If you pay with your credit card, you should consider a pool of funds will take place you have to meet the deductible, according to the coverage taken, such reserve funds become 3-5 business days according to the bank that issued the card.
  • For additional drivers you need to notify Global Investments, SA de C.V. (EUROAMERICAN RENT A CAR – HERTZ HONDURAS) who are the other drivers.