The HERTZHN.COM website is owned by INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V. This document contains the general terms and conditions under which a lessee may lease vehicles owned by INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V. By making use of the HERTZ HONDURAS CAR RENTAL service, you give your consent that you have read, understood and agree to be subject to the following terms and conditions.


  • Leave as a guarantee deposit, the minimum amount of US $ 1,500.00 to US $ 3,000.00, by credit card VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVERY AND DINNER CLUB.
  • The minimum age to rent a motor vehicle is 21 years old.
  • You must have a valid national and / or foreign driver's license.
  • Present personal documents such as: national identity card and valid passport if you are a foreigner.


INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V through its brand HERTZ HONDURAS, is a company whose activity is the rental of vehicles to natural and legal persons, whether national or foreign.

INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V will not be liable for misuse and / or illegal acts committed by the tenant and that are sanctioned by the current penal code and the traffic law, for which the tenant is obliged to indemnify INVERSIONES GLOBALES SA DE CV for all damages caused as a result of the alleged commission of illegal acts.



• The price agreed by the contracting parties is per day (24 hours), with a grace period of two hours to return the vehicle. After 26 hours, an additional rental day fee applies. The lessee agrees to pay their bills in Lempiras and/or US dollars, payments may be made by credit card.

• When presenting your credit card to make the check-in or deposit, you must bear in mind that said fund is to cover the deductible of any damage or breakdown caused to the vehicle, depending on the coverage taken, it will be released according to the policy of the card issuing bank.

• The values ​​delivered as a GUARANTEE will be fully executed by INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V, in the event that the leased vehicle suffers any type of loss.


• There is no gas refund. Gasoline consumed will be applied as an additional charge.

• The lessee agrees to return the leased vehicle with a full tank or with the same amount of fuel that it had when the vehicle was check out.

• You must inform in advance if you need an additional driver at the time of booking and renting the vehicle. Which will have an additional cost per authorized driver.

• The lessee may not under any circumstances sublet the leased vehicle, may not use it for public passenger transport, psychotropic substances, alkaloids, or any other type of drugs, cargo, sports races, towing, overload it, or use it in places dangerous in activities prohibited by law, you may not circulate outside the limits of Honduran territory.

• The lessor reserves the right to authorize the departure of the vehicle outside the limits of the Honduran territory.

• You may not drive the vehicle while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or psychotropic and narcotic substances.

• It is strictly forbidden to take the vehicle to any workshop, to make repairs like: mechanics, body repair, painting, without prior authorization from INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V. In the event that the leased vehicle suffers damage, bumps, etc. In any of its parts, the lessee is obliged to cancel to INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V the damages caused inside and outside the leased vehicle will be canceled in its entirety by the lessee, if they were caused by their negligence or inexperience. The breach of this clause by the lessee authorizes INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A de C.V to execute the guarantee in its entirety without any subsequent claim by the lessee.

• The lessee undertakes to deliver the leased vehicle in the same and perfect conditions in which it was received, if during the term of the lease the vehicle is detained by the traffic authority or the national police on suspicion of having committed any crime or contravention that he commits and is typified in the law, the lessee will be responsible for covering all the expenses incurred for the recovery of the vehicle.

• In case of theft or theft of accessories and / or components of the leased vehicle such as: tires, rear-view mirrors, mirrors, radios, antennas, rings, headlights and any other analog; The lessee will assume the total payment of the accessories parts or pieces that will be missing from the vehicle at the time of return.

• The lessee undertakes to immediately notify INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V through its sales executive, in the event of an accident, theft, , fire, retention of the vehicle by traffic or police authorities or any other accident, by telephone or by any other effective means of communication immediately. In the event that the tenant does not communicate said mishap, he will be financially responsible for all the expenses that this will cause to INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V, who reserves the right to follow the corresponding legal actions against the tenant for the fulfillment of the present and of request the payment of consequential damages, lost profits, expenses and costs incurred.




  • The lessee is obliged to pay each and every one of the fines and contraventions incurred during the term of this lease. The lessee empowers INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V, to collect these fines from the securities delivered as collateral, even if the contract is already canceled.


  • The contract that is signed between the parties is personal and non-transferable, the lessee exempts INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A de C.V from all civil and / or criminal responsibility for any fact that occurs in the leased vehicle, while the contract lasts and after This, when it is shown that the lessee had the vehicle in his possession, at the time of incurring the offense, therefore the lessee will be personally and financially liable for all the facts and acts that arise in said period.


  • The only person authorized to drive the rented vehicle is the person listed as the DRIVER (assigned by the lessee), therefore, the lessee will be responsible for all damages, losses and expenses caused by the person who is driving the vehicle.


  • The lessee authorizes INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A. DE C.V, to collect the guarantee in case of breach of any of these terms and conditions.


  • The lessee undertakes to respond for all damages caused to third parties, private property, household goods, medical and hospital expenses during the term of this contract and by this act exempts INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V from all liability.




  • The vehicle will be returned to INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V on the date set in the respective lease contract, except for an extension of the term duly authorized in writing by INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V. Failure to notify the sales executive of the possession of the rented vehicle beyond the date indicated in the contract without prior notification and authorization from INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V will be considered as misappropriation. The misappropriation by the tenant will be subject to criminal and civil actions that derive from it, the tenant will cover all judicial or extrajudicial expenses that INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V incurs for the search and recovery of the rented vehicle.


  • The lessee is obliged to present himself and check-out with due anticipation, to avoid delays and / or inconveniences with the departure time of his flight.


  • The lessee will be directly and indirectly responsible for the reparations and indemnities for all damages that may be caused to INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V in the event of non-payment or delay in it, the lessee is obliged to recognize the interest for default legally settled down.



The contract may be terminated early in the following cases:

• When there are sufficient reasons that lead to presume that the vehicle given in the rental to the lessee may suffer imminent damage or danger, which would entitle INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V to immediately withdraw the rented vehicle without any authorization from the lessee.

• For the breach of any of the clauses established in the contract by the lessee. Which gives the right to INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V to make effective the values ​​given in guarantee, without the right to any claim on the part of the lessee.

• Hereby, the lessee declares that they renounce their domicile and that they submit to the jurisdiction of civil, criminal and traffic judges that INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V designates for effect.


INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V is not responsible for objects forgotten by the lessee or his dependents in the rented vehicles.

• The lessee authorizes INVERSIONES GLOBALES S.A DE C.V to carry out all kinds of verification in any institution, be it public or private, regarding their personal, commercial and banking references.

• The lessee expressly states that he is solely responsible for all personal damage and traffic violation and for any alleged crime or illicit act that may cause and which is involved in the vehicle given the lease.